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SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Correctly done SEO tells the search engines what your site is about and, when done well, will pull your site closer and closer to the important first page of results.


The ideal spot for any website is the first page of results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others. Getting there is the real challenge. It takes a combination of factors, but mostly it takes a customer friendly site that has good use of keywords words.


A good Webmaster will design the behind-the-scenes area of a website to be search-engine-friendly. After the website design is crafted, written content with good SEO characteristics should propel you much further toward the goal of being on the first page.


Pinellas County Writer will employ all the basics of SEO in content writing for your site, blog, social media post or other web content. Although Pinellas County Writer cannot guarantee you will appear on the first page, the writing techniques used will always follow techniques currently reported to raise search engine results.


Knowing where and how to place key words is essential to good SEO rankings. Knowing what not to do is also important. After the Webmaster is done, call Pinellas County Writer to fill your site with SEO-rich, written content designed to propel your site upward in the search engine rankings.


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