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The old list of articles that was on this page has been replaced with the names of  blogs and sites where my work appears. The list was getting too long while external sites were changing their formats so that links didn’t work. I hope the upgrade makes this page easier to use.

Pinellas County Writer Blog

Pinellas County Writer Blogspot

Writer4Writers Blog

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Social Network Workshop


Web sites change. When businesses alter their web sites, my work often gets lost in archives or doesn’t get forwarded into the new version. Additionally, some sites do not offer the ability to put my name on the writing. Taking all this into account, here are a few sites where my work has appeared, though this is not the complete list, as I have had over 600 articles published for pay on the web.

HCA West Florida

Exterior Accents

Alliance Legal Group

Tiny Hands Foundation

Florida Beach Rentals