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Press Releases: One of the most important things a business can to do when it is new or has a new product is to let the public know.


Letting the public know you are there is one of the most basic steps of being in business. A message of “here we are” lets the public know that you are in business and ready to service them. It also tells them where you are and when you are available to serve them. This important basic message instills the idea to visit you or to try you out.


Getting the word out about a new product lets customers know a business has something new to try. If a burger shop intends to add chicken sandwiches to its menu, a press release is a great way to tell clients. A press release informs previous customers that something new is available. It lets potential new customers know the business exists, where it is, and what it has to offer.


Publishing a press release on an event being held is a good idea. Events need coverage and every means should be employed to let the public know they are happening. Press releases are a great way to cover the basic facts the public needs to know, in a format that is familiar and trusted.


Other uses for press releases are to let the public know a business has moved, contact information has changed, new management exists, and a number of other updates. Press releases are a formal release of information, above that of a simple blog post –although those also have value and should be included. A press release is a time-honored method of telling the public about a new event.


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