Manuscript Doctor


Manuscript Doctor: Professional editors will often take one brief look at the first paragraph of a manuscript before throwing it into a rejection pile. Having your work checked by a professional may help to avoid many common mistakes that turn editors off.


Getting a manuscript in front of an editor is no easy task. It takes diligence and a lot preparation. After potentially years of work, you want to send your completed draft off to a person who will take it seriously. A number of mistakes exist that editors tag as obvious errors. Beyond these are subtler issues for which editors look. Surviving the first sixty seconds with an editor may mean the difference between publication and rejection.


A writer can take the time to learn the ropes, and probably should, if they intend to publish again and again. However, if you do not yet know how to impress or please an editor, you may need help getting started.


Manuscript doctor services look for common “no-no’s” that will get your manuscript rejected fast. This can be done with evaluations of various sizes, ranging from the first page of your work to the first chapter, or to the complete novel.


Find out if you get a passing score before you send your work to an editor and you may improve your chances of acceptance.


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